Monday, March 7, 2011


The girl you’ve always wanted is the girl I try to be
I mold and shape and pray and wish, but that’s just not me
I try to forgive and be loving, but it’s just so hard
you say it shouldn’t be a challenge, but I, you see, am emotionally scarred
so I, myself, am not so sure that I should be like the girl
I have this wall built up so high that I can no longer look around
im swimming in a sea of emotion and I think that I might drown
I need someone to pull me back in
i’ll simply never be the girl that you see in your mind
but I am always going to be myself, one of a kind
I apologize for the embarrassments you’ll face
but I finally feel like a loser in this race

i failed to be the girl you've always wanted

Lying dead helpless
Can’t move or breathe

::dying Juliet::

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